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Hi! Heather here! I always knew that I loved to work with wood. In fact, most of the artistic projects proudly displayed in my childhood home were “sculptures” made from piles of scrap-wood stuck together with far, far too much glue.

During shop class in Grade 7, I experienced the satisfaction of taking a raw piece of wood and turning it into something beautiful (like, it really was beautiful! Who knew??) I knew I wanted to do more, but waaaaaay back then, there wasn’t a single opportunity for a girl to get into woodworking – after all, shouldn’t I be learning to sew instead? (For the record, I still don’t know how to sew). 

Fast forward through college, marriage, moving, babies, more moving, work, still more moving, and FINALLY, I caught a glimpse of life beyond the mayhem of raising small children, and found myself in a place where I could try my hand at woodworking once again. Hallelujah! After convincing my (nervous) hubby to show me how to use the mitre saw, there was no turning back.

Over the years, I learned all sorts of incredible things through hands-on experiments, I mean experience. Then people started asking me for stuff. You know that friend you ask to make you things for free? Yah. That was me.

Time went on and I got kinda good at this woodworking thing and then, one March evening, I took the plunge and Woodsy was born! After some local small businesses offered me the opportunity to do some larger-scale aesthetic design and renovation work, I knew I was IN this thing for good.

Finally, I decided that I couldn’t possibly be the only woman who wished they hadn’t missed the boat on learning how to use power tools and make amazing things out of wood! Now, women in Thunder Bay can learn basic woodworking skills through a variety of workshops held out of my home studio!

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117 Rockwood Ave., Thunder Bay, ON

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