Mission Statement

Woodsy’s mission is to enrich people’s lives and inspire confidence and creativity through the sharing of knowledge and experience.


This is what matters


Workshops are offered in a relaxed and informal environment at Heather’s home studio (or Grassroots Church, depending on size). This creates a safe space where participants can try, fail and try again without fear.


Hand-in-hand with the location, small workshop sizes are key to fostering the organic formation of relationships.


As a responsible steward of natural resources, Woodsy uses scrap and up-cycled materials wherever possible and purchases sustainably sourced lumber when necessary.


Heather is passionate about nurturing community connections and promoting other small businesses that help to bolster the local economy. She’s an active participant in several community groups that work to improve the beautiful city of Thunder Bay.


(807) 628-8218

Workshop Location

117 Rockwood Ave., Thunder Bay, ON

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